I know what you’re doing tonight

I remember a discussion I had with roommates years ago about who was going to run to the store and pick-up a couple of things: toilet paper (the necessity) and Oreo cookies (the “while you’re there”).  None of us wanted to be the ones to face the cashier and get that look of “I know you’re here because you need to poop, and wanted dessert.”  I lost that day, and I got that look.  I got a similar look again today.  Actually…it was spoken.

Ran to the store today because, well, once again my household was almost out of TP.  But while I was there, there were a few more things to get:

More than just TP

The receipt is for:

Home Bath Tissue
Reddi Wip
Ball Funnel
Wholecare Rawhide
Wyder’s Cider 6pk
Newcastle 12 pk
Milagro Tequila

Of course it was one of the regular cashiers, who I’ve had casual conversations with before and knows that I’m a single-dad.  “So, kids are gone and it’s party time in the single-dad’s house tonight?  Looks like you’re going to have a great time.”  The look alone would’ve been good enough.

If only I had needed condoms too.


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One Response to I know what you’re doing tonight

  1. Lisa says:

    I always get a kick out of bachelor groceries! One guy I was standing behind was buying:

    ground beef
    40 oz of PBR
    tater tots
    Car & Driver magazine


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