And Can We See The Pictures?

In order to give parents of younger children a glimpse into the future and what they might expect as their kid(s) get older, I posted “Hey Dad, I Have A Question (Part I)”, some questions that my 2 angels (now a 17 & 14 year old girl & boy) have asked me.  One of those questions, my favorite actually, was “Dad, why is there a video camera on a tripod in your bedroom?”

Somebody was kind enough to ask the question on my account:

What *were* you doing with the video camera and tripod in your bedroom?

Since you asked… (I’ll give you a moment to get your minds out of the gutter.)

Okay, now to disappoint you: I recently was taking part in the NHL Beard-A-Thon to show support for my team, the LA Kings, in the playoffs.  Mostly, the Beard-A-Thon raises money for charities that the teams support.  The money I raised went to support the Kings Care Foundation; a non-profit children’s charity of the Los Angeles Kings, dedicated to providing children in the Greater Los Angeles area with educational and recreational opportunities.

Oh yeah…the camera.  During the Beard-A-Thon you’re not allowed to shave your beard until your team wins the Stanley Cup, or they’re eliminated from the playoffs.  When the Kings were eliminated — sigh — I went to shave, but I decided to take a video of me shaving it off so that I could show some friends the before and after with the beard…and I was bored.

That’s it.  Nothing spectacular.  Just me making a semi-amusing video of my beard being shaved off — actually I did it in reverse so it looked like I was putting it back on.

Sorry to disappoint you.  You may now return to your video fantasies.


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