Special Fathers’ Day Wishes

A moment, for some special Fathers’ Day wishes:

Fathers in the Military
It’s a life you chose, and it has taken you far away. You fight for not only our freedom and rights, but for those of your children. You sacrifice being with your family, and risk the ultimate sacrifice while doing so. May all you give up for your child never be forgotten. Happy Fathers’ Day.

Fathers Gone Too Soon
Whether your child was yet unborn, or fully grown, your life here with us ended too soon. But in your time with us, you brought life into this world. You made a contribution that remains, that grows, and that reminds us of you. Circumstances beyond your control took you away, but our thoughts of you remain constant and loving. Happy Fathers’ Day

Fathers that Stepped Up
You came into the life of a child somewhat unexpectedly. When you met their mother you knew it was a package deal; a woman you grew to care about, and her child. Whether or not that child’s father was there, you gave of yourself. You let them know that you cared, and that you were, you are, someone they could look up to, and count on. Happy Fathers’ Day

Because you Father
You give so much in all that you do. You give more of yourself than anyone should have too, and you do it not because you must, but because you love. You make sure that your child is taken care of, and ensure that they know they are loved. You fill the gap created by the absence of another, and you help to minimize the feeling that there is something missing. Because the man that contributed to your child’s existence is not there, fully or in part, whatever the circumstances of their absence, you ensure your child has all they would “normally” get. Not because you are a “father”, but because you father your child. Thank you for being that parent that not only mothers their child, but “fathers” them as well. To the mom’s that do it all…


About Fresh Start Dad
Early forties, divorced dad of two teenagers, surviving back in the single world. Here to share stories and any survival skills I pick-up a

3 Responses to Special Fathers’ Day Wishes

  1. Victoria says:

    Thank you. I think I fall in the last category. xo

  2. singlemama_cc says:

    Now this is my kind of Father’s day post! Fathers who contribute more than the DNA deserve props..
    Happy Fathers Day to you my friend ~

  3. Pakhet says:

    Happy Father’s Day to you!

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