I’ve been absent

I feel bad. I haven’t written in awhile, not even anything original on Twitter. I’m not really sure where my head is at, but I know that it hasn’t been on sitting down and writing.

I was a little upset at WordPress on the iPhone. I had written a nice, long, thoughtful post about a variety of things that the app didn’t appreciate as much as I did; so it ate it. It was 45 minutes of ramblings while sitting at the mall. (Don’t worry. I haven’t become one of those unemployed, handing around the mall, staring at the hot MILFs shopping. I was waiting for an appointment at the Apple store. So while I was waiting I only temporarily was staring at the hot MILFs walking around.)

I do actually have a few posts started, and hope to finish them all this coming week. Some have been sitting dormant for a bit, but still relevant, and still reflections on who I am. I need to just write and try to not overanalyze what I’m writing. (OCD much?)

But, the most recent post that I actually need to start is a little thing about how to push your children further away by assuming they’re too dumb to figure things out on their own. (I’ve realized that my ex has given me 3 great things; My Son, My Daughter, and material to write about.)

For now, I go. While I have a variety of time consuming events this weekend — going to watch the movie Airplane tonight in a cemetery, my dad is receiving a Man Of The Year award tomorrow, and my son wants me to spend some time with him in Azaroth (yes, I said that) — I promise to find time to finish what I’ve started.


About Fresh Start Dad
Early forties, divorced dad of two teenagers, surviving back in the single world. Here to share stories and any survival skills I pick-up a

5 Responses to I’ve been absent

  1. Lisa says:

    We’ve missed you…

    I’m torn in my plans for tonight… I want to go see Airplane too!!!

  2. I was wondering how you were. Glad you have made a reappearance…. Stick around, wouldya? You are cute and fun to play with!

  3. April says:

    How was the movie @ the cemetery? I was thinking of taking my girls in a couple of weeks to see Willy Wonka, but I hear you have to get there at 4 and wait in long lines. That just may take all the fun out of it.

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