If Only It Paid Better

Reflective photo on the trainA couple of years ago my kids and I took the train to the County Fair. Along the way I took an impromptu photo of my son as the train paused on the tracks. It was unplanned and quickly taken with my iPhone camera; 1st generation iPhone at that! I liked the photo.

Do Something With It
My daughter loved the photo. As we walked around the fair that day in 2008 she said I should enter it in the County Fair photo contest. I thought “why not”, and although I missed the entry deadline in 2009 I was able to do it this year.

I was torn about entering it though due to the expense. No entry fee, but I had to get a print, mounting board, mat, etc., and that I had never done this before. I was a little intimidated. But, with a “just do it” attitude (apologies to Nike) I went for it.

This year I kept an eye on the fair’s website and downloaded the entry guide when it came out. No entry fee and I could enter up to 8 photos! I have over 30,000 photos that I’ve taken† so surely I could find 8 to enter. Okay, rules say they have to have been taken since 1/1/2008. Now I’m limited to a selection of around 8,000, so I have to find 1/1000 that are good enough.  My problem though: I’m too self-critical. (More on that later though.)

Having found the ones I like, I figured out how to mount them and got them submitted on time. As it turns out, it seems my daughter and I aren’t the only ones that like the photo on the train.

I’m an award winning photographer
Sure the contest was an amateur  contest at the county fair,

Sunflowers in the backyard

but it still feels good to know that photos I took won 2 awards!

The photo of my son on the train won 2nd place in its class; “reflections”!! UPDATE: I didn’t realize it when I learned that I won, but when I picked-up the photos from the fairgrounds yesterday they also gave me a check for the 2nd place win! It was unexpected, and though only $15 it’s totally awesome to think that I won more than just a ribbon!

A photo I took of sunflowers in my backyard last year also won; Honorable Mention in the “flowers” class.

The six other photos that I entered didn’t win anything, but they’re all on display at the fair (and linked below for your enjoyment††). I guess that’s a benefit of this photography contest is that they don’t just show winners but actually display all the entries. Now if I could just get paid to take photos!

Crowd Surfer Backyard Spider Soccer Corner Kick Tidepools At Leo Carrillo Newbury Park Hillsides

† really… that’s not a typo… I get a little shutterbug crazy… if you’re gonna invite me to a party you should be aware of what you’re getting into
††Actually, only 5 are posted. The one I removed is of a friend and I didn’t feel comfortable posting the photo of her here.


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2 Responses to If Only It Paid Better

  1. Beautiful photos! I love the one of your son! (Welcome back, dont disappear so much….)

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