Kids Know When You Don’t Care

This weekend my daughter begins living with me full-time; no more scheduled back and forth between her mom’s house and mine. Although the ex and I live only a mile apart, my soon-to-be-18-year-old daughter decided that she just wants to call one house “home”. She chose mine. This has not set well with her mother fucker of a mom. Read more of this post


Dear Mother Of My Children…

Dear Mother Of My Children:

Years ago you gave me two wonderful gifts that have brought joy, pain, love, pride, and much more into my life.  For this, I thank you and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

On this Mother’s Day I wish a gift for you.  It’s one that I have wished for you in the past, but you have repeatedly refused to receive it.  Please, trust me, if you accept the gift you will have children that love you more.  The gift is is the ability to respect; specifically your children.  Trust me, this is the gift you need. Read more of this post